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Ground Drilling Tools:

Robit ground drilling tools offering covers following applications:

  • Tube umbrella drilling
  • Anchoring
  • Piling
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Water and thermal well drilling
  • Soil investigation / monitoring
  • Underwater drilling
  • Robit Casing Systems - products are the key components of the ground drilling tools product line. RoX drilling system is ideal for tube umbrella drilling which is a widely used method in Far East and Central Europe. Robit has references from the key markets in the ground stabilization.

Robit's long experience and high competence in drilling process help us to find innovative solutions for various applications and different drilling needs. Cooperation with end users is a vital part of our operations resulting in superior performance of Robit products. More holes more value for the customer is the driving force of Robit Rocktools Ltd.
Product lines:
Rocktools - Button bits

Rocktools offering covers all construction, quarrying and mining drill & blast applications from soft to hardest rock conditions. Mining is one of the most important customer segments for Robit bits and applications like drifting, cuthole, bolthole and production drilling are well covered. Also major tunneling and quarrying customers have approved Robit quality worldwide.

Threaded button bits cover i.e. following drilling applications:

  • Mining
  • Tunneling
  • Quarrying
  • Bench drilling
  • Dimensional stone production
ROBIT RockTool
Drill bits
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Robit Rocktools Ltd's business idea is to develop high quality drill bits for professionals worldwide. Robit being established 1985 has long experience on rock drilling process and the latest development of rock drills. Robit exports its products worldwide to more than 30 countries. 90% of its turnover is exported. Mining, quarrying and construction customers drive the company's strategy. Robit white bits are known in all the main mining and construction customers all over the world. Robit's tight focus and continuous development work secure the latest technical solutions for the most demanding rock conditions and for the most powerful rock drills. All for the benefit of its customers. With top quality Scandinavian steel for its products, and proven homogenous tungsten carbide for its buttons, Robit lays the foundation for an exceptional standard of finished drill bits.